Support My Musical Witness at Homestead Immigrant Children Detention Center!

Photo by Carrie Feit

Thank you for all of your enthusiastic support for my musical projects over the years!

For some months now, I have been writing special music to support the children and witnesses at the Homestead Immigrant Children Detention Center, currently the largest Detention Center for children in the country. These children have been separated from their families after coming to this country seeking safety from violence, gangs, drug wars, rape and other perilous circumstances in their home countries. Seeking asylum is not a crime. However, it is illegal to detain children seeking asylum for more than 20 days. And these 13-17 year olds are being detained for months upon months in extremely overcrowded, unsafe and unsanitary conditions in this detention center, whose owners are being paid millions of our tax dollars every day, earning huge profits for their private corporations with little oversight from anyone. In most cases, these children have families or sponsors ready, willing and able to care for them, yet they are held in virtual prison conditions. We seek to shut down this and all facilities of this kind, and reunite these innocent children with their families under safe circumstances. Please support my writing and performance of music for this cause by donating below. I am not being paid for this work, but do need help with gas and tolls to participate in the Witness onsite in Homestead. Every trip costs me $30 in gas and tolls - please help get me there by clicking the button below.

To find out more and learn about daily witnessing, news, legislation, future events and more, please join the Witness Tornillo Target Homestead Facebook group here.

Please make your donation by May 10, 2019 to support my participation in the special concert with Leti Rodriguez at our Mother's Day Rally in Homestead! Future donations will support my transportation to future witnessing events.

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Thanks for your support, I couldn't do what I do without the support of fans, family and friends!




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