I've done a lot of radio (and TV) production over the years, including doing news for a pioneering women's music show at WAER in Syracuse in the 70's, and a cool piece for Topical Currents on WLRN in South Florida a couple years ago, detailed below.


Topical Currents - This Weekend - every Friday

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Every week, Ed rounds up some of the best local arts and entertainment commentators, poets, writers and more to give you
the latest info on our diverse and abundant South Florida cultural scene. I am proud to have been one of these commentators!

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Music in my Mardi Gras/Fiesta Tropicale piece

- originally aired January 8, 1999 -
rebroadcast several times

in order of appearance

Iko-Iko by the Dixie Cups - a classic!
We grabbed it off "The Big Easy" soundtrack LP (yes, an actual record album)

Go To the Mardi Gras by Professor Longhair - The Father/Grandfather/Patriarch of New Orleans music
This track came off the wonderful Rhino Records collection "Mardi 'Til You Drop '92," and also appears on quite a few other records.

Cissy Strut by the Meters - Some of these guys now play in the Neville Bros.
This track also came off the wonderful Rhino Records collection "Mardi 'Til You Drop '92," and also appears on quite a few other records.

Use Your Brain by Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who will be appearing at Fiesta Tropicale
from their 1991 Columbia CD "Open Up: Whatcha Gonna Do For the Rest of Your Life"

Party Car by Iko-Iko, from Little Silver Records CD, "Protected by Voodoo"
We love this local band, who aren't just "a local band" anymore.
Visit them at http://www.iko-iko.com
and see them at Fiesta Tropicale too!

The dinosaur costume pics from Mardi Gras

...Notice the little girl has yellow beads in her right hand, green in her left...


One of my favorite New Orleans gardens...

photos by Laura Sue Wilansky



Sure I like TV! ... A movie's nice once in a while...

But radio is where it's at!

I'm not actively working with Topical Currents at this time, but who knows, it could happen again. I do have some other radio ideas percolating. Stay tuned!


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