Well, it's 2006 and I'm not doing this show anymore. It was fun while it lasted! But read on below, and on the Radio 2 page linked below, to learn about some of the many things I've done in radio over the years. I'm sure I'll be doing more radio in the future, in one form or another, whether writing, voicing, editing, engineering, producing, or all of the above! When I do, it will be posted right here!

InnerViews with Liz Sterling


Looking at Life from the Inside Out


I've been working with Liz Sterling on the fabulous InnerViews radio program since the summer of 2001 and loving it! I engineer the show, have lots of input on the music we use, open and close the show, and write and produce the occasional commentary.

InnerViews with Liz Sterling is an inspiring, enlightening and educational program employing a mix of interview, talk and discussion formats. Our guests include visionaries, pioneers and innovators from the fields of holistic health, complementary medicine, spirituality, science, personal growth, education and the arts. We creatively incorporate music from around the world in each show, enhancing the valuable information shared by our host, guests and callers.

We broadcast three new shows every week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 - 4 PM, and rebroadcast Wednesday's show every Sunday at noon on WNN 1470 AM in South Florida and WBYU 1450 AM in New Orleans. You can also listen live at the InnerViews website.

Call us anytime at 561/347-7255 to order tapes, explore sponsorship opportunities (we love our sponsors!), and obtain other show information.

While we're on the air, you can reach us at 561/988-5470 or 888/565-1470.



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