Silver Nightingale Booking & Contact Information



In this wonderful technologically-advanced world of ours, there are many ways to get in touch with me for bookings and other fabulous Silver Nightingale information!


By phone: 954.941.4645
This is a 24-hour voice mail number,
please leave a message including the best time to reach you.
You will also hear a short sample of my flute music when you call!


By e-mail:
Let me know if you'd like to receive regular performance updates by e-mail. I will never sell my mailing list, nor will I send you spam or trivia. I value your presence on my mailing list and promise to send you only 100% pure Silver Nightingale information!


On Facebook: This independent website which you are on right now will always be action central for my music! However, I have also created a Facebook page for my music news, photos and such. Please click here and Like my page for Silver Nightingale updates! There will be lots of things on this website which will never be on my Facebook page, and there will be some cool things on Facebook which will not be on this website - so if you want the whole kit and caboodle, please visit here frequently, and sign up for both my e-mail and Facebook updates!


By US Mail:
Laura Sue, the Silver Nightingale
P.O. Box 24245
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33307-4245


In Person: Come to a gig!



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