What People Are Saying About

Laura Sue, the Silver Nightingale


The Press

"Flautist/singer/composer Laura Sue Wilansky is one of the area's busiest and most giving performers. In recent months she has helped raise funds (and spirits) for numerous local charities... It's amazing that she has time left over for more commercial activities. But in fact, her association with Borders Books and Music continues to deepen. She is now representing Borders, Deutsche Grammophon, and Discover Card in their joint national music promotion, "100 Reasons You Should be Listening to Classical Music." - JAM Magazine

"The Judy Collins mini-concert last week was psychedelic. The crowd waited in excess of an hour, standing, kneeling and sitting on the floor for Sweet Judy Blue Eyes. The Silver Nightingale kept the waiting fans entertained with her magic flute playing her gorgeous bird songs and classic tunes." - Lenny DellaRocca, Coral Springs Forum

"One of South Florida's hardest working musicians will be sure to entertain and astound you. Last time she was here she opened up for Justin Hayward in front of 650 people! Don't miss this opportunity to catch a very talented flautist." - Borders Fort Lauderdale

"Silver Nightingale has been gracing the environment here since I got your CD! Wow! It's just great! If you do another, I will buy it! Keep sending those peaceful vibrations into the environment." - Marty J. Johnson, Publisher/Editor, Celebrate Life! magazine

"Versatile flute maestro Laura Sue Wilansky ... will show off her classical, jazz and New Age sound prowess." - Adrian Gregory Glover, Showtime/Sun-Sentinel

"I'm so glad I bought this CD! I've heard you play live and find your music soothing, uplifting, ethereal, easily transporting me to a higher frame of mind. Your playing is melodic, yet often surprises me with adventurous sounds or notes I didn't expect. While your music is beautiful, it's the entire presentation YOU make in person that heightens the beauty of experiencing you as an artist. You're focused, animated, and clearly very INTO loving what you're doing as you perform. Your new CD Sarabande is a great representation of all that you are as a musician, healer and spiritual person." - Andrea de Michaelis, Pubisher/Editor, Horizons Magazine

"Perhaps best known under her nom du voyage Silver Nightingale, Laura Sue Wilansky (is) a fixture on the area performance scene." - Mark Burger, Eastsider

"I highlighted this talented musician in my very first Society East column three years ago, so I thought she'd be the perfect person to wrap up my last column." - Deanna Thurlow, Society East/Sun-Sentinel

"Need to relax? Too many thoughts running around inside your head? Music for Healing and Meditation is an entrancing, healing and relaxing cassette full of meditative flute tunes by Silver Nightingale. It's the perfect accompaniment to a comfortable couch, a cup of herbal tea, and some well-deserved free time." - Brian Hyman, Broward/Palm Beach New Times

"Accompanying instrumentalists are of the highest caliber: Laura Wilansky (flute)... and other fine musicians." - review of Maxine Feldman's Closet Sale album, Ladyslipper Music Catalog

"Silver Nightingale charms her audience." - Fountain Magazine

"The Dancing Flute - An evening of sheer beauty as the goddess of wind instruments tantalizes our senses with her inspired sounds. A rare and moving experience." - Borders Coral Springs

"Flutist helps others through her music...As the Silver Nightingale, Wilansky captures South Florida audiences with the music flowing from her silver flute." - Miami Herald

"The lights are a little bright and it's not bohemian, but Liberties does get some decent performers, including Silver Nightingale...Wilansky has enchanted South Florida audiences with her solo flute performances." - XS

"Laura Sue Wilansky, a jack of all trades - or is that jill of all trades - performs musically under the name Silver Nightingale." - Greg Baker, Miami New Times

"Wilansky thrives on variety." - Eastsider

"A Nightingale Plays in Borders - This name isn't a catchy ploy a la The Artist Formerly Known As... It's an appropriate description for the beauty Laura Sue creates on her silver flute: a sometimes etheric, often Celtic weave of melodies that entertains and heals as only heartfelt music or pure songbirds can." - Borders Coral Springs

"Flautist, singer and composer Laura Sue Wilansky has been captivating South Florida audiences for years with her classical flute technique." - Society East, Sun-Sentinel

"Laura Sue Wilansky aka Silver Nightingale makes me wish I had kept up with my flute lessons! I still have that Armstrong sitting in its blue velvet lined box somewhere in my closet. Don't miss Laura Sue..." Jennifer Winston, Busy Girl/Ink19

"What better way to start the Christmas Holiday than with the celestial tones of the enchanted flute. Close your eyes and ride on the Nightingale's wings of love." - Borders

"What a wonderful complement to the SOHO setting! It's often a lost truism that music, like plants and other pleasantries for the soul, can be a forgotten element in the working environment. But in the home office, it's a perfect working locale for softly played music that can soothe the spirit and drown out superfluous sounds - all the while becoming an addition to the creative process. Sarabande will find its place in my SOHO musical collection." - Jeffery D. Zbar, columnist, speaker, author and Home Office expert, Goinsoho.com

"I love your music - it's really fantastic! It brings me a sense of peace, and is uplifting, and brings a smile to my face all at the same time." - Aphrodite Jones, author

"I LOVE your music!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I hope I wrote and thanked you for the beautiful CD . . . - MM" - from Mike Malloy, my favorite talk radio host at Nova M Radio, formerly of Air America Radio

"I just went to your website and fell in love with the music. You are a sensational musician." Bryan Weissman, Quantum Life Holistic Resource Guide




The Community

"Guests were absolutely enthralled by your performance and compliments were paid to the 'unbelievably talented flutist.' The evening could not have been a success without people like yourself." - Maxine Lemarr, Volunteer Coordinator for Broward House

"Well known in South Florida, Laura Sue is a writer and musician and her talents are enormous." - Liz Sterling/WNN for Broward Center for Living

"Thank you so much for your generosity towards this congregation. Your willingness to share your beautiful talent was joyous, and your ability to attract a paying crowd was particularly pleasing to the treasurer." - Timothy Greene, President, Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale

"Thank you for your support. You were exceptional as usual." - Lori McCaffery, Gallery of Masters

"Thank you very much for your contribution to the Beach Crew Memorial Park Dedication. Your instrumental flute performance was the perfect accompaniment for the ceremony. We sincerely appreciate your contribution to this important occasion for the City of Fort Lauderdale." - Thomas Tapp, Director, Fort Lauderdale Parks and Recreation Dept.

"You did a really good job on the pledge drive. It looks like we will make our goal, and it's all due to the efforts of people like you who take the time to support WLRN. Thanks for everything." - Donna Labombarda, WLRN Public Radio

"Thank you so much for your beautiful music at the Garden Party Benefit. Your wonderful talent was an integral ingredient of an exquisite afternoon!" - Alan Schubert, Gay & Lesbian Community Center

"My enjoyment of your recorded music is only eclipsed by being in your presence - you are wonderful!! The 'Ave Maria' in particular took me out of there! Thanks so much for being part of the Dialogues on Awakening Conference, and for blessing us all with your wonderful gifts!" - Rev. Taylor Stevens, Palm Beach Center for Living

"Thank you for your generous donation for our auction. Your contribution assisted us directly toward our goal." - Barbara Beilly, President, Broward County Women Lawyers' Association

"Silver Nightingale is renowned for her angelic music, which ranges from meditative to Celtic to Brazilian to Bach. Her music is regularly used by yoga, reiki, tai chi and meditation teachers, as well as ministers, nurses, hospice workers and other healers." - Whole Life Expo

"l want to thank you deeply for your contribution of song and spirit at the conference. You helped lighten the load and touched a place inside which needed a touch. You are a healer with your music." - John Ragusa

"Congratulation on your accomplishment [VSA grant]. What a great service to be able to play for the dying. Your angelic music must bring such peace to these people. Love and peace to you." - Mary Serfaty

"CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to see the arts, and in particular you, being recognized and on location at the hospital. Best wishes for even greater success!!!" - Norma Lloyd

"Congratulations. It's nice to be able to do such important work. I'm sure your mother would be very proud." - Colleen Dougher

"Congratulations on your recognition and grant to work with Hospice. I used to work for Vitas (you may remember that I am a R.N.) and they recently provided home care to my Mom until she left us on June 22 this year. Palliative care is truly a blessing for the patient and the family....having you as part of the overall atmosphere is almost too good to be true. God bless." - Shelly deMarco

"I am planning to be there Thursday night - what a week - Crosby Stills Nash and Young tonight at Sound Advice Amphitheatre doing an anti-war, pro-peace concert and your "Nature, Nukes and Nationalism" gig Thursday night.  I just want to totally acknowledge you and your contribution to the planet and the world. In peace and light, Namaste" - Sarena Morello

"Thank you Laura Sue - these are fabulous suggestions! Had not thought of any of them. We will put these ideas on the list for the next board meeting and break down the tasks to start it happening.... Thank you so much for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. You are a great asset to our organization." - Mike and Casey, Trash to Treasure

"Your flute is always a light wherever I hear you play like a nightingale in the last 20 years. We are blessed to have your "grace", your presence in this community of Fort Lauderdale...." Roxanne Salas, Mind Body Solution

"It was good to see you and thank you for making the [annual memorial] service especially beautiful and meaningful." - Lynda Friedman, Administrator, Hospice of Gold Coast

"People are still raving about how great you were! In Spirit, Anne Goldberg" - Event Co-Chair for TAO (Temple Adath Or) of Rhythm and Jews - A Day of Drumming, Dancing and Discovery

"Dear Laura Sue, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to our home and playing for Fred at his bedside. I only wish I had the head to remember to record it. That was one of the last memories he had before slipping into a coma. It was a beautiful and touching event. I wish you the best in all you do in life and may you always have the compassionate heart you showed. Happy Thanksgiving. Forever grateful, Albert Hebert"

"Thanks Laura Sue. It was great to have your beautiful music at our festival. See you soon." - Robyn Vegas, Cultural Arts Coordinator, City of Pembroke Pines

"you brought so much beauty to her very last day on this earth - there is nothing i can do to come close to making it up to you- but i'll do my best to pay you back for your kindness - you officially have a personal photographer" - Teajay Smith, my longtime friend and photographer

"thank you laura sue - what a lovely treat for mom your visit was ::love::" - Irene Smith, longtime friend and sister of Teajay

"Thank you so much for playing for Jane, it made a world of difference." - Clay Piersall

"The music was so wonderful!" - just about the last words of Jane Smith

"Thanks for playing so beautifully [at our service]. Everyone loved the music; people were crying and everything." - Pastor Tom Lacey, UCC of Boca Raton

"Laura Sue, thank you for all you do, all the time. You are a treasure." - Cara Campbell, Ecology Party of Florida

"I just wanted to say thanks for publishing your page with information on global warming http://www.silvernightingale.com/nuclearfree.html ... I'm updating our library's web pages on environmental concerns and sustainability; your page proven to be very useful! Thanks again!" - Sarah Washington - Library Assistant, www.ValleyBookClub.com, Jericho, Vermont

"As soon as I heard your flute on your message, I just had this beautiful sense of calm within... so beautiful!" - Sheree Diamond, The Flow Doctor

"I want to thank Laura Sue Wilansky for coming to my mothers house and playing beautiful music for my mother on her flute!! Laura, you filled the night with music, love and light for a dying woman! You have touched our lives in a way that can never be fully described.......... thank you just isn't enough!! The gift you have given my family is priceless!! You helped us make Friday night a wonderful memory and I will be forever grateful for your loving service!! I love you xoxoxoxo" - Susan Cohen, via Facebook

"I would so like to have you back at our church for your wonderful music soon. I have not forgotten how you and your magical flute blessed us at Christmas time." - Rev. Joanna Gabriel, Unity of Miami Gardens

"You can't imagine how many times I have been listening to your music on YouTube. Birds of Wind and Water! is a beautiful melody" - Piero "El Gitano", Gypsy Corner Holistic Spa and New Age Gift Store

"Thanks so much for talking with me today [about playing music for a neighbor with a health challenge] and certainly I'll keep you in mind for other situations, because I believe in the work that you're doing." - Marilyn Cahn, LCSW

"Thanks for the part your played in celebrating the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE... there is something very soulful about flute music which is played from the heart. Truly it opens and touches hearts. The welcome mat is always out for you." - Blessings , Roz & Etta, Hollywood Brahma Kumaris

Thanks Laura for helping to create heaven on earth thru your talents.... - Roz Reich

Thanks again for contributing to the success of last night's (Interfaith Thanksgiving) program. You were terrific! I am grateful that we could collaborate in such a meaningful endeavor. In peace - Namaste, Andrew David Susman, Broward Interfaith Council



The Clientele

"Thank you for making our wedding magical. Everyone loved the music." - Cynthia Cordes

"Thank you for your beautiful music at our wedding - you made it that much more romantic! We will definitely recommend you to everyone!" - Marianne & Jorge Gomez

"Thank you for taking special interest in my requests. l will always remember your thoughtfulness." - Karen Tangora

"You and Ramon were absolutely fabulous and you come highly recommended by us from now on." - Joanne and Roberto Ortuso

"Thank you especially for the divine music you played. God Bless." - Bruce & Susan Handschuh

"As Community Relations Coordinator at the Fort Lauderdale Borders location I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Laura Sue Wilansky. During that time I employed Ms. Wilansky's talents at least once a month. In that position I dealt with an extraordinary number of musicians and I can think of no other that displayed the level of professionalism and polished talent that Ms. Wilansky exhibited each and every time. In my current position I have employed Ms. Wilansky as a Grand Opening performer. As you can well imagine, performers from all over the country contact me about performing during our Grand Openings. I must be highly selective in my bookings. I work under strenuous deadlines and cannot afford to waste time with unprofessional performers. Borders prides itself on supporting 'Original Voices' and will continue to support talents such as the Silver Nightingale." - Frank Herrera, National Events Coordinator, Borders Books and Music

"I love your CD! What beautiful lyrical original music. Dad was so appreciative [of your living room concert] and the boys enjoyed playing along with you although out of time. You are a very patient teacher!" - Carol Landau

"I want to tell you how moved I was when you described the work you do at hospice sites. Congratulations on the award and on your contribution to bringing your lovely music to comfort and enrich others. That you do this work in honor your mother's memory really touched me. I had the pleasure of hearing you playing your flute at Stonewall Library's opening celebration. (You may remember I was in charge of the program.) Your communications are informative and inspiring and I read them (every word). Best wishes." - Molly Ellowis

"I'd love to fly you out to Las Vegas for an event we're doing there. You're better than anyone we've ever found in Vegas!" - Nancy Holston of Mass Torts on the Silver Nightingale Trio

"Laura Sue - Thank you so much for the delightful birthday concert you shared at my folks place! It was truly a wonderful and very meaningful experience for us all (did you see me crying?) and you were very kind and generous to share it! May you be blessed as you bless so many others - Love and light, Donna"

"I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful music last night at our event. Everybody really enjoyed it! It was a pleasure to meet you." - Peggy D. Davis, Broward Historical Commission

"Thank you, sweet Silver Nightingale, for sharing your angelic tones with us! Your music was the perfect touch to help celebrate the successful restoration of our historic clubhouse! Strong gentle women, doing good for the world. I love us!" - Shelly DeMarco, Hollywood Women's Club

"You are Goddess of Magical Air" - Rev. Paula Hayward


The Fans

"She is absolutely wonderful to listen to." - Angelique

"Jeanne, tell Laura l'd rather hear her any day - Mom" - written on a Jean-Pierre Rampal flier

"James Galway - eat your heart out..." - Jim Ellington

"Congratulations - I'm SURE your music will be a major blessing in Sarajevo." - Joyce Reynolds

"Congratulations and Good Luck with your performances. I know you will be outstanding, again! Know that when you play, the angels come." - Ginger Lucas

"Love it! (so do my birdies - 2 incestuously close cockatiels...)" - Mindy Fried on the Sarabande CD

Bodyworker/Cranio-Sacral Therapist Betty Cooper Smith calls the Sarabande CD a " Divine Massage," adding "The flute is a silver nightingale and reminds me of a spinal cord. When I hear this heavenly, pure music, my spinal cord relaxes and it, like the silver flute, plays notes to my whole body, melting away any places needing release. Then I become free as a bird, floating, flying, drifting in the space of heaven."

"Paul Horn has nothing on you!" - Rev. David Williamson, Unity of Hollywood

"I love your music! I have written my book 'Inhale God, Exhale Fear' listening to flute often. I look forward to my rewrites/editing listening to you. Love, Marcelene Dyer" - with CD order

"Whenever l listen to her music, there is something incredibly alive and truly wonderful that hits me deep inside. l think Laura's got a touch of magic in her." - Debbie Block

"l can still hear the beautiful sound of your flute in my head from your concert in the church. Hope you are well and making lovely music!" - Kent Golding

"We are spending time in Provence again this summer and your music will be perfect for the house. Please send two of your latest CDs." - Lyn Kurpiewski

"l sing your song 'Full Moon Lullaby' to my Goddaughter all the time. She loves it." - Elizabeth aka Elysabeth LaMack

"Thanks for your beautiful, peaceful music. lt soothed my soul and lifted my spirits." - Rita

"This is my first fan letter - just to say that l adore your playing. Your music is sheer poetry. - A Fan!" - written on a coffee cup

"You have tremendous poise and pizazz on stage." - Eleanor Wilansky Myers

"What an incredible flute you play. You are such a shining light, Laura. l feel it all the way over here in San Francisco!!" - Jo Smith

"I just wanted to tell you that my mother finally passed away this morning. We've had your tape close by and we always played music in my mom's hospital room. I just wanted to tell you it was a very big part of her last days, and here with us. Thanks a lot." - Judy Summers

"Thank you so very much for sending the tape to my mother. She absolutely loves it, as I knew she would!" - Lisa Burt

"I really enjoy your improvisations. You're a great player and I look forward to seeing/hearing you again." - Glenn Ellison

"I wanted to thank you again for making me aware of your CD. I am truly enjoying it. It is helping me relax! Thank you for the peace - it feels great!" - Brina Anelli

"After the flautist played, I had the best sleep I've had in ten years." - Inmate, Broward Correctional Institute, after I played there as part of a yoga event

"I wanted to let you know how much I like your Solo Flute Meditations CD! It is a wonderful collection of beautiful performances!" - Kent Golding

"You're playing the Roe v Wade Celebration exactly one week after playing on George Bush Blvd? Wow, you really are diverse!!" - Larry Getlen

"Thanks for all the wonderful music this year and in years gone by!" - The Rosen Family

"Send along 2 copies of your CD. My niece is learning to play the flute. We used to listen to (your) tape together and it was part of what inspired her to choose the flute for her instrument. I'll give the 2nd one to her. Thanks!" - Linda Stiles

"I gave your tape to my granddaughter Brittnay who is 12 and started flute lessons last year. She plays your tape every night at bedtime and says she can't go to sleep without it! It does my heart good to have the blessings of a special granddaughter and the special spiritual music of the flute. Thank you!" - Jan

"Thank you for your kind words. You are a beautiful person, and you express that beauty in your music. I hope to catch some of your gigs when I'm up and about again. I'm exploring your web site, and your Open Letter, and Spiritual Thoughts and Resources for Healing are just what the doctor ordered.....

I want to thank you very much for a fantastic tape. I listened to it on my Walkman the 2 nights I was in the hospital, and for several nights thereafter. It is magical, mystical, spiritual music, and I think it is contributing to my speedy recovery. I still take lots of naps and feel weak and achy, but not as bad as I could be. This is thanks to your music and prayers, and all the prayers and good wishes from my friends, I'm sure. Thank you! All the best" - Marian Wertalka

"We listen to your CD when we chill out on the weekends. It's always spiritually uplifting to us." - Love, Sybele

"While in the midst of a quest for knowledge in cyberspace i was blessed to happen upon your wonderful site. I must say i was truly honored to peruse your pages. Life is an ocean and to wade in the water is to learn. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I wish for you a spirit that is willing and a soul that is satisfied. I am known in many circles as a Psychic, Poet, Spiritual Advisor and Earth Shaman. Your site is a song in the wind that has blown my way. May all your days be filled with joy. I am honored to have crossed your path. I wish peace and prosperity to you and yours. May the sun enlighten, the moon enrich and the earth embrace and protect you always. Yours in Peace" - Micheal Teal, The Ancient One

"You knocked me out with your renditions of my traditional Irish melodies. The best I ever heard, even in Ireland! Love your work!" - Marie Lovas

"Marvelous! That the pleasure was given to me to sit adjacent to your soul pleasing, essence quenching music of the heart...." - Kay Osborne

"I just found out about the Zoe Lewis concert. South Florida's own 'SILVER NIGHTINGALE' (Laura Sue) will be joining Zoe which makes for a perfect musical experience." - Betsy Graber

"I used to listen to Enya all the time, but now I listen to your CD every night before I go to bed! It's so relaxing and it helps me go to sleep." - Annette Vafa

"Hi Laura, I've heard you playing at Fort Lauderdale airport last sunday. I just wanted to thank you. Being in an airport is for me a big challenge because I fear flying. And because I was, at that moment, with my 3 kids, it was even more difficult for me.

Just before my departure, your music brought me peace and calm.

Thanks, Eric Bouchard-Lefebvre"

"You're an institution around here!" - Donna Serpe, Healing in the Kitchen



Other Musicians & Music/Creative Industry

"A real player..." - Ralph Towner

"I knew you were going to be good, but I didn't know you would be THAT good! You are an incredible musician.... You and the band were wonderful, and I look forward to having you back." - Laurie Oudin, Main Street Cafe, on Orquestra Nightingale's debut

"Girl's got chops!" - David Stocker of One Drum, after one of my solos during a concert with Jan Sebon, Bemol Telfort and David at Labyrinth Cafe

"You rock, Laura, and it isn't because you have a cool name!" - Laura McDermott, poet and founder, Luna Star Literary Salon and Traveling Literati

"Thank you first for the package of goodies about you, your music (lovely by the way), and nightingales. Second, thank you for the mention of my lessons and Artsedge in your newsletter. I am forwarding this newsletter to the Kennedy Center. I know you won't mind. Good luck with all of your projects and keep playing beautiful music." - Mary Beth Bauernschub, author of wonderful lessons on nightingales at Artsedge at the Kennedy Center

"An Evening with Inner Voice - With special guest: World renowned conjurer of winds and Diva of the flute, Silver Nightingale." - from Inner Voice publicity (the Artists Formerly Known As Inner Voice are now Here II Here)

well dahlink
you were SO DAMN AMAZING (at South Florida Folk Fest)
as always
& you are always welcome to share the stage with me
huge hugs
Annie Wenz
Performing Artist/ Educator/ Psych Nurse/ River Queen
Singer/Songwriter/Player of Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Indigenous Flutes & Hubcaps From Queens

"My daughter, Caressa, was very taken with your playing. We look forward to seeing you again." - James Judd, Music Director, Florida Philharmonic

"Please send two copies of 'Amelia.' l want to teach it to my students and learn it again myself." - Kay Gardner, founder, New England Women's Symphony

"A real renaissance babe!" - Hiram Bullock

"Count me as a Laura Wilansky flute freak." - Diana Davies

"Your website is fabulous. I look forward to having a chance to make music together." - Henry Marshall

"I love the tape. Keep up the good work!" - Rachel Bissex

"Thanks sooo much for the CD! I Loved it!" - Jim Camacho, The Goods

"I have added your Sarabande CD to my 7 am making the school lunches playlist and have found it to be a wonderful way to start the day. There is something very calming and uplifting about it at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I truly hope we get the chance to make music together in the future." - Jeff Green aka Doc, guitarist for One Drum, Sharav and many more!

"I love your tape. I play it everyday. It brings me peace." - Darnella Cordier, Publicist/Manager, M.H.Sugarsweet Productions

"You're no longer just Laura, you are a freakin' mega conglomerate! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration. I knew you when . . . keep up the good work. Need any ethereal percussion?" - Jim Seidel, Roots of Rhythm

"It's a heckuva CD! I'm enjoying it everywhere in the house: working on the computer, cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the bedroom. I love it!" - Greg Tamblyn

"I really love the SOUND of your flute and your style of playing. I want to work with you on some recordings!" - J. Macarldie Nibbs

"I have GREAT news about the song "A Warm Kiss," the one you did the flute solo on! It is now at #1 under the love songs on mp3.com!!! And #7 out of more than a million songs on the overall chart (just ahead of Madonna at #8!) I want to thank you for making that song my number one hit as of today! You gave it the exact sound that song needed to make it BIG!! Your breath was sent from heaven above to bless creation through your beautiful flute... God Bless!" - Luke Thomas

"I am one of your faithful fans. Looking forward to seeing you perform again, you are an excellent player!!! A few hours involved with your wonderful recording inspired me to dig out an old flute I have and begin playing again." - Lloyd S. Mandula, Integrated Studio Systems

"I've been watching Ms. Wilansky's career for years, and seen her single-handedly develop and market her unique Silver Nightingale act, garnering increasing recognition each year. I believe she has the creativity, dedication and intelligence necessary to maintain a successful long-term career in the challenging music business. In my capacity as a producer and event coordinator at Cellar Door, part of my work is to recognize, nurture and develop new talent. I have the opportunity to see some of the best musicians around. I believe in Ms. Wilansky's talent. I believe her music has great potential to reach a larger audience, especially in the new age market." - Peter Smith, Producer, Cellar Door International

"The album (is) first class... You are an incredibly talented musician. I think the album will do well." - Jim Moeller, Serenity

From Marie Nofsinger's PR e-mail:
"Not something I usually do, but this CD is so cool. Just listened to Silver Nightingale's CD SARABANDE ...again...... and I recommend it to you all. After a very long day... (sometimes life can seem like a very long day)... I decided it was time for a lavender filled hot tub... and soothing sounds....and that CD was the perfect pick!! I have had my share of trying to listen to schmaltzy 'relaxation' mood synth recordings that make me want to drink bleach... they have gone the wicked way of yard sale give-aways. This one is a real keeper..... It is a beautiful and calming collection of flute music.... SARABANDE is 'comfort' music... Look for Silver Nightingale, Tell her the 'mermaid' sent you!" - Musically, Marie Nofsinger

"l really enoyed your flute performances and the whole band performance in Champaign (National Women's Music Festival)! Your group was the best of the groups, rivalled only by the Night Angels and Sweet Honey in the Rock. I really think your band is terrific! I would love to hear you all again - I'm a real fan." - Toni Armstrong, Jr., Editor/Publisher - Paid My Dues, Hot Wire Magazines

"Please keep sending me your performance schedules, I hope to catch one soon. Even if I can't attend, know that it makes me happy to see your out there doing Yo Thang!! CONGRATULATIONS! Many blessings!" - Nicole Henry

"Just a quick note to say that it was great to meet you at Folk Alliance and to hear your *gorgeous* playing. It would be so wonderful to include your sound in my first CD - I'll be looking for a spot in the arrangements. I really liked your web page, the photos were great, personality plus. Also really liked the one where you're standing with your arms outstretched. Such a quality of sacred joy." - Juliet Wyers

"It was an amazing night; I'm still processing it all. And your set was so beautiful. I really really liked what you did with Mario on drums and Dana on pedal steel.... If all my numbers are correct, we will have raised over $6000 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.... Again, thank you so much for helping me organize the benefit. I couldn't have done it without you (plus, you write a terrific press release!)." - Laurie Oudin, Main Street Cafe, on Katrina Benefit, 9/10/05 (and we raised $7127!)

"Silver Nightingale - A soulful flute player and a very charming girl" - Jorge and Stephanie of Amereida

"THANKS for all your help directly and indirectly with Diva Night!" - Sally Townes

"From one Laura to another: Keep up the amazing work in the community. You've been blessed with a special gift." - Laura McDermott, Traveling Literati

"I'm playing in Fort Lauderdale and wondered if you might like to come and play on a couple of tunes? It's always nice to interact with people and I love your playing! Let me know if you might be up for it - it would be great!" - Zoe Lewis

"You are my first choice for music for art openings. The ambience you create is just perfect!" - Liora Davis, artist

"That was a wonderful event! It took me directly back to times when hope wasn't so much work, when healing was mostly about just showing up. I felt your gathering was, in a way, Nature's Way... You're a keeper of the needed flame, and absolutely the best!" - Richard Ryal, Silver Nightingale Poet Laureate, on the "No Nukes Swing" Release Party

"Laura Sue is one of the best flautists in the world... world class!" - Fernando Perdomo

"Laura Sue Wilansky, you are an amazing, generous soul, always offering your time, talent, love and support for others in need. I have deep respect for you. Thank you for re-posting my blog about my best friend Donna Paul, whose spirits are kept high during this very tough battle... because of people just like you. ♥" - Judy Blem, Main Event Talent, agent and supporter of musicians

"I am hoping to collaborate on a poetry reading with you where the poets read, and you play along with them. I know you are a poetry lover and your music is comforting and brings peace." - Dr. Blaise Allen, poet and event producer

"What a beautiful light your soul shines into this world. Thank you Laura Sue Wilansky" - Ed Ethridge, commenting on a Facebook post about my hospice music

"Dear Nightingale, You bring music, a necessary medicine, to a world so dearly in need of it, myself included." - inscribed for me in his book, Here, Bullet by award-winning poet and soldier Brian Turner, after I played at Brian's Veteran's Day reading.

"Hey Miss Awesome
Very Cool To Meet You Yesterday
Hope To See You Real Soon" - Max Markwell, after playing together at 100K Poets and Musicians for Change, 2014




Fly Home